X-Onwers would u pay $ for F/ware features eg. Facial detection, focus peaking?

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Re: stubbornness or impossiblity?

Brond1 wrote:

I would pay for minimum auto ISO shutter speed and focus peaking. Fuji must know by long ago that many many people want that.. and have put it in 100s so why nothing for the other cameras.. Im confused. I think the company IS responsive and interested in providing a different, fresh and direct photographic experience.. but there seems to be this perverse oversight. I dont think us bunging them another £50 each would solve it but I'd pay it if it did.

I'd be scared of open source stuff if it voided Fuji guarantee and I had no counter guarantee that I would not end up bricking the camera


The X100s is a brand new camera with a new hybrid sensor. More likely than anything is that the new hardware components enable Fuji to implement a new set of features not possible/practical with the older version of the camera.

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