Normal shutter count on new D600?

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Re: Buy locally....

Petruska wrote:

opusone wrote:

I'm sending it back to B&H. This camera had 120+ actuations on it when it arrived and some dust.

The dust seemed to go away when it was hit with a bulb blower, but new dust replaced it immediately.

The existing firings seemed signs of previous use either as a store demo or a returned item. I'm told, by some, that B&H does not do this. But what am I supposed to think? It may be a refurbished body for all I know.
I paid $2100 (w/accessories) for a new, unopened & unused D600.

If the replacement doesn't arrive with zero shots on it, it will go back as well.

seeing that you are so paranoid.  There are tons of camera shops near where you live.  That way you can guarantee that you are getting a zero shutter count body.

Bob P.

BTW, is it that important that the shutter count should be zero or one to begin with?  If Nikon is confident enough saying that during pre manufacture testing, some cameras have had undergone 150k shutter actuation or higher for models such as D90 or D7000 , would one to two hundred actuation on new cameras matter?  I think we are getting too concerned  or paranoid on the issue.  In fact getting cameras from the shop would be prone to being fiddled with by customers & salesmen, unless the boxes are sealed or unopened.

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