rebel or 6d? for all round photography

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Re: rebel or 6d? for all round photography

mariadc wrote:

You have read my mind.  Ever since deciding to upgrade from my 30D, I've had quite a journey.  I purchased a 6D, then decided to try out a 7D, and as of tonight - an SL1.  Here are my impressions so far:

6D:  lovely.  Just lovely.  I've done many BIF shots with my 100-400, and even with cropping, I'm getting great detail.  I love this camera.  Wish it were cheaper - and I miss the reach of a cropped sensor.

7D:  not as impressed as I wanted to be.  I was hoping for less noise.  And honestly, after a month of well over a thousand BIF shots with the 6D (I practiced on swallows - good training - haha), I prefer that center point of the 6D than the so-called sophisticated AF of the 7D.

SL1:  love the size of this thing!  From what I tested earlier this evening, I think it's every bit as good IQ wise as the 7D.  It would make a great travel camera.  Case in point:  we took Amtrak across the country last summer, explored the Grand Canyon and SoCal, before heading back home.  We packed light and limited ourselves to one backpack each (even the kids had to carry their own stuff).  As a result, I regrettably left my 30D at home and took a point-and-shoot.  If I had had something like the SL1, I wouldn't have hesitated to take it along.  It would fit in my purse even.  I will never take a trip again without a DSLR - it's just that the SL1 would be so much lighter than any other Canon DSLR.

So here I sit as well, like you, trying to decide.  I don't like the Rebel line - because I'm so used to the control buttons vs menu items (my main reason for the 30D instead of a Rebel years ago).

(We have a busy weekend but if I have time, I may do some comparison shots with the SL1).

will be very interested to here how the sl1 stacks up against the 6d. I have a 70-300 is, that thing is so light and easy to handle its almost toy like. I can see that lens on the sl1 making an awesome travelzoom.

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