Zeiss Touit or Fuji X decision

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Re: Zeiss Touit or Fuji X decision

dark13star wrote:

Just to close out this thread, I've spent a week with the Fuji X-E1 and I love it. It is a camera that suits my style of shooting and since photography is a recreation to me, the fact that it is more fun (for me) than shooting with a Nex is a huge factor.

I love the OOC JPEG and the raw files are mostly good. There are a few with bright reds and yellow that need work to get right. That said, since the JPEGs are so good, raw is backup for when I need it.

The 35mm f/1.4 is amazing, like Leica glass and the low-light capabilities are great.

This is a Sony forum, so I'm not going to beat this horse here. My only advice is that if you are feeling like Fuji might be better for you than Nex, you really need to try it. Reading forums and comparing specs is no help.

I'll be putting a lot of my Nex equipment on eBay this weekend. I will miss my Zeiss 24mm, but I think I need to sell that and my Nex-7 to build out my Fuji system. Nex has been a great experiment for me and now Fuji will be my next one. Who knows, as this market matures, things can change.

Thanks for all the great advice I've gotten on this forum. As a life-long hobbyist in photography, I can really say there are some talented people in this group.


I was in the same position and the outcome was also the same. Stunned by the image quality and really enjoyed the handling. I ended up with the X Pro1 though.

Like yourself, I had the Nex7 Zeiss 24,Sony 35mm 18-200 etc etc and they are in the process of being sold. I really enjoyed this camera but the inconsistency in terms of accuracy of the autofocus became frustrating. The Fuji while at times (not always) is a little slower, it is always bang on.

I rarely ever got the full 6000x4000 from the Nex as I had to reduce the images to improve either noise or sharpness. Sometimes down to 4000px width. The agencies I submit to require perfection at 100% and the Nex 7 always had me on edge a little in that respect. As such, the 16mp sensor is working out fine as I have never had to reduce the images and can even up rez if I needed to.

The lens I will miss the most though is the 24mm, it was a gem. And, the tri-Navi was also very good. I was never that impressed with Focus Peaking, not accurate enough for fine detail. I also liked the small flash that could be bounced off the ceiling. I will certainly be keeping an eye on the Nex system but unfortunately, Fuji's Pro quality lenses with a good sensor won out this time. The 35mm 1.4 and 18-55 are near perfection. I am getting shots from the zoom that match / surpass the 24 zeiss.

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