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Rriley wrote:

I would like to see these statistics that describe how cameras with better IQ sell better. I mean if this were true, given that 43rds is no longer a part of Olympus stats in any meaningful way, why does Olympus still find itself in financial trouble.

Ask the last CEO. And why do you suppose Olympus gave up on 4/3 if it was such a hot seller for them?

Im not asking the CEO, you made a a claim I want to hear how you arrived at your conclusion, b/se on what I know your claim isnt true.

The corporate corruption was a big part, hence asking the CEO or else read up on what happened yourself.


That + poor 4/3 sales after a pile of money was put into R&D. The CEO was quoted as saying they need to cleans house and shed unprofitable businesses. Guess what? They quit producing new 4/3 bodies. They didn't stop making 4/3 gear because it was a profit center.

The other thing that hurt was improved cell phones so the lower end P&S market fell apart.

You can "know" whatever you'd like People shifted away or didn't buy into 4/3 mainly IMHO because they kept using dated sensor designs. At any point in time, the 4/3 models lagged behind in noise levels. Or maybe you have another idea of why Nikon and Canon models sold in such higher numbers if it wasn't IQ. It's the reason I switched to Nikon.

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