Is there a complete kit for product photography?

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Re: Is there a complete kit for product photography?

dpyy wrote:

Thanks that's really helpful but I'm not sure I can blend the back drop to the flat surface. What I'm planning to do is use one of my black glass shelve to use as the floor for the product. It'll give me a nice reflection on top of a black surface. But what about the back drop? If I use a black velvet fabric at the back it doesn't exactly connect smoothly to my glass shelve. Any ideas?

The reason for using velveteen is that it is very strongly light absorbing and won't produce any shadow or reflection.

Using a clear glass floor on top of black fabric can result in a double reflection of the object placed on it, one from each surface of the glass. Since black glass isn't transparent I would assume it should work fine.

Larry Becker gave a Cheap Shots solution to the problem of double reflections with clear glass.

Buy a cheap poster frame and remove the thin clear acrylic plastic sheet that is the "glass".  Buy a can of black spray paint intended for plastics and paint one side of the acrylic sheet.

IMPORTANT the paint must be "FOR PLASTICS" since some of the regular spray paints can melt the plastic.

Once the paint is good and dry you now have a black floor that will give a single reflection of any object placed on it.

Another way to go for small items is to go to an art supply store and buy thin sheets of white, black, or colored acrylic for the floor of your box.  I bought a 14"x14"x1/16" sheet for one project for less than $3.

Looking back I didn't write what I meant to write about using fishing line.  You use it with a white or colored background if you don't want a shadow or reflection.  With a black velveteen background shadows and reflections don't show up in most cases, but if they do then you can always suspend the item from fishing line.  It only takes a minute to get rid of the fishing line in the image during post processing.

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