Which would you choose? 85mm 1.4g or 135mm f2 DC?

Started May 17, 2013 | Discussions thread
AllMankind Contributing Member • Posts: 564

I would go with the 85mm f1.8.  Actually, that's the lens I own and use.

I went with the f1.8 because it is so much cheaper than the f1.4, and because shooting wide open is not something I do. So paying extra for a feature I would not use would make no sense.  I use my 85mm in the studio where the 135mm would just be too long to work comfortably.

The problem with asking questions like should I buy this lens or that lens, is that only you know the circumstances and conditions under which you intend to use it.  I explained my rationale for buying the 85f1.8.  That's what works for me.  I don't know what works for you.

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