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There is no "problem." No hardware upgrade path is needed if the E-3 satisfies one's requirements as a photographic tool. You don't seem to understand that. No sure why.

Of course if someone feels the results an E system camera is capable of is all they (or their clients) will ever need, they would never need to upgrade.  That would be true of a cheap P&S as well. For that matter an iPhone is all many people need as far as a photographic tool. It doesn't mean any of those are the best IQ options available.

When the day comes that digital photography in general provides a quantum leap in IQ and everything else that matters in a camera, then maybe it would be time for just about everyone to move on and upward.

For some people and their types of photography, this has already happened. Why do you think reviews rave about the OMD and the sales of them went thru the roof? It's not really any smaller than the E410 so it's not the compact size. It's the improved IQ. If I was buying into an olympus system, it would be m4/3 and -later- if and when they make a 4/3 compatible model, look at investing in some used 4/3 glass if I needed it.

did sales really go through 'the roof'

Compared to the E5 or any 4/3 model sold is years? Yes.

I would like to see these statistics that describe how cameras with better IQ sell better. I mean if this were true, given that 43rds is no longer a part of Olympus stats in any meaningful way, why does Olympus still find itself in financial trouble.

Ask the last CEO. And why do you suppose Olympus gave up on 4/3 if it was such a hot seller for them?

Im not asking the CEO, you made a a claim I want to hear how you arrived at your conclusion, b/se on what I know your claim isnt true.

One of the largest selling cameras for Olympus has been the diminutive 12Mp EPL1 (very similar sensor performance to E5), which managed several times the sales performance of OMD. Presently the volume is with E-PL3, still with the 12Mp sensor, and again many times the volume of OMD. You might explain to me why that is so if your theory is to hold true.

Hmm lets see a $400 camera with the same sensor as a $1700 (body only) model. Which do you think they would sell more of? It's back to what I was saying, the only 4/3 model is the top shelf pro model when in every camera line the lower end consumer models are what sell. Olympus hasn't had a consumer model for sale for years, which is why they have no market share.

how familiar does this sound "Why do you think reviews rave about the OMD and the sales of them went thru the roof? It's not really any smaller than the E410 so it's not the compact size. It's the improved IQ."

the 'truth is, the fact of the matter is the complete reverse of what you subscribe to

Obviously I don't have the sales numbers but am going by what the people at the camera shop I use said. They told me they have sold a bunch of OMD's to advanced amateurs and the last 4/3 body they sold was 2 years ago and it was special ordered. I don't think that is a theory.

Clearly price points have a lot to do with sales. Also camera size vs IQ also weigh into the sales numbers for many people. I do think people buying a camera do care "Does it take good pictures?" even on the most casual level.

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