Beware of camera theft in Barcelona. Locked

Started May 17, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Moderator Warning about racial and ethnic abuse

Every single poster blaming "Gypsies" is in trouble.

Ethnic and racial abuse of this sort is simply not acceptable behavior anywhere and is actually a criminal offense in many places.  Take your personal prejudices elsewhere.  They are not wanted on DPR.

I will be taking individual and specific actions against the relevant members.  I will get to all of them in due course.

Oh, and if ant of them had paid any attention at all to the original posters (useful) warning you'd have noted that gypsies were not in fact mentioned.  This extremely old scam is practiced in every single country on this planet by every single race.  If you don't wish to be a target of these gangs then I'd suggest you move planet - this one has them everywhere.

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