Beware of camera theft in Barcelona. Locked

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Richard Veteran Member • Posts: 4,858
Happens more in Europe

I went on tour there and it is much more prevalent there than here. Not saying it doesn't happen here but it seems like they make more of a living of it over there. Found it happen in (Tourist areas) of France Spain, Italy, England.

I caught a guy with his hand in my pocket going to the Louvre on a subway car. Caught a guy acting like a tourist trying to unzip my fathers bag. Some women lost their money in a motorway restaurant.

I think in America they are more likely to try and muscle your money away from you with a gun or knife. Or they stand out on the corner asking for handouts and can make pretty good money that way. Even when I was in New York I never seen anyone being pickpocketed. Perhaps American criminals are not skill enough to do so.

Mike_PEAT wrote:

Oldest trick in the book, having a pick-pocket touch you.

Maybe it's because I live in a big city that I know how to defend myself against that happening, but there's really no excuse to be a victim!

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