Feedback: 5DMKIII or 6D? (longish)

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Re: Feedback: 5DMKIII or 6D? (longish)

Thanks for all the feedback, everyone.  I should've responded earlier, but I figure people didn't want filler and decided to respond when there was either a substantial development or question.
I ended up picking up a 6D w/24-105mm kit yesterday, plus a 600EX-RT speedlite and a Sigma 35mm f/1.4 A, together for a nice chunk of dough (and negotiated discount) from my go-to B&M camera specialist.

FEC: when I was playing with the camera at the dealer, I asked about the FEC issue, and I was shown that it was accessible quickly-enough (for me, not coming from professional experience) under the "Q" button.  Being that so much of the professional/prosumer dSLR experience is about being able to quickly access functions through dedicated buttons that can be mastered to be "played like a piano," I can see why the lack of a dedicated button might be an issue for somebody whose shooting technique was trained for that.  However, 1) I am starting anew, 2) this "Q" button method hasn't bothered me yet (and is in-fact extremely easy relative to how I've had to operate my MILC under pressure; again, not really a point as that's a bit of a low bar), and 3) given the other substantial reasons I've come to prefer the 6D... I decided that this difference wasn't enough of a priority for me.

(I will explicitly make the disclaimer that all the following judgements are specific to my own biases and anticipated usage based on my history of usage... which is possibly very different from anybody else's usage.)

The reduced size and weight of the 6D was indeed quite convincing.  Having shot smaller cameras and dragged them to plenty out-of-the-way places for my recreational shooting (ex. down the length of Tenaya Canyon in a 14-hour epic, up into a 2nd-story window of an abandoned state hospital by scaling a drainpipe), and now anticipating advanced amateur adventure shooting (rock climbing photography, which I did with my old G11, but didn't with my MILC because the body build seemed like it might have problems surviving)... the 6D felt more-at-home in my hands and in a pack likely to be loaded with more than just photogaphy equipment.

The GPS functionality is a nice trick for some of the things I did (outdoors), but not so much for the others (urbex).  But the wifi and EOS remote was the feature that sealed-the-deal without a shadow of the doubt.

One of the things I've really appreciated about mirrorless is the EVF, which despite its shortcomings, finally de-coupled the viewfinder from a fixed placement.  It could tilt (my version did), and I was able to exploit this ability in the course of shooting in position-constrained environments.  The easiest one to explain would be shooting straight up (or nearly-so) from a very low angle in a dark place (multi-minute exposures making chimping impractical) where you seriously did not want to lie down on the floor.

The real-time live-view of the EOS Remote is simply a superior solution.
The marginally-better DR was part of the consideration as well, although I will certainly utilize the improved remote + bracketing functionality with much more regularity.
Granted, all of these things are about what I shoot for fun, instead of what many people use their FF for, which would be paying gigs.  But I figure this is the better approach for my first foray into FF photography.

Again, thanks for the feedback.


Shutter noise:  The 6D is a marked improvement over the 5DMKII in normal and "slow" modes to where neither is an annoyance for me.  Does anybody know if the "slow" mode is gentler on the whole mechanism?

Autofocus:  I'll have to get back to y'all about that one.

Flash:  Ditto about this.  But I was sold on a 600EX-RT, so at least power and sophistication potential won't be lacking, heh.

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