rebel or 6d? for all round photography

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Re: rebel or 6d? for all round photography

soapstar wrote:

Dave Throgmartin wrote:

soapstar wrote:

so im wondering. The 6d as a crop would be around 14mp. So if i take a long shot with the 100-400 which even on the rebel i make a big crop of, would the extra mp's of the rebel equate to more detail in a big crop. Im talking detail on the subject,

i know the 6d has more mp, but it has a wider view meaning less pixels actually on the subject when its a long shot and the subject may only be a small part of the overall image.

If you cropped the 6D image to the same size as the Rebel image you'd have 9 MP. Based off my experience and what I've seen posted elsewhere, the image at low ISO will be roughly equivalent. Some will argue because you have 18 MP vs 9 MP you should see more detail.  As the ISO goes up the 6D image will have less noise.

This may change with a truly superior lens such as the 500mm or 600mm primes.  I'd expect in that case the Rebel image would be be significantly better.

You may find lots of samples back to back by googling,etc..


no im struggling to find examples. Most comparisons are wit the 5d m111. tx for the input anyways.

Out of interest, does the 6d apply noise reduction even from iso 100? I see the rebel 650d i have been using sets nr even at iso100. Turning it off does give more details but i dont like the grain it leaves. Does the 6d show nr set in dpp even at low iso? If it doesnt need nr at low iso that would result in more detail compared to leaving in applied for the rebel.

I found a couple from this past winter where there were similar images taken from 6D and 70-300 IS and 60D and 70-200 f/4 L USM with 1.4X extender.

First, 6D:

Second 60D:

Neither is a perfect world wild life rig, but both worked pretty well that day.  The shots were from a similar distance and within similar time frame of each other.

Both are good, but full frame can give outstanding image quality when you aren't limited by focal length.  My wife took this one and was able to get explorer on Flickr.

Bottom line is both cameras are really nice and I don't think you could go wrong either way.  You can get thinner DOF on full frame and it'll handle high ISOs better.  Here's one from 6D at ISO 3200 with SOOC noise reduction.

I have bunches more on Flickr.


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