Nikkor 105mm Pictures on D800

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Re: Nikkor 105mm Pictures on D800

I also bought the 105mm to complement by other lens 24-70mm f/2.8 for landscape shots and the 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II when I need more reach but do find it a great portrait lens, great bokeh, etc. According to Focal testing, my AFM correction is 0.3 with my D800, meaning I leave it at zero. (nice eh?)

These lens just couldn't get me close enough, so that why I bought the 105mm and like you, it a great addition.  I don't like it for portrait or landscape, it lacks the details that those two lens can give me.

I did try the new version III doubler on the 70-200 f/2.8 VRII. It was very nice, I liked it for general use, it gave me the reach like the macro, look sharp but I notice it lost details (resolution lost).  So that was out, decided against it for macro closeups.

But I do a lot of closeup and it great. Initially I found it wasn't as sharp or detailed. Shooting less then f8, just didn't capture enough of the depth that I wanted when you are within a foot or two. On a subject that is off the side or flat, and you have background you want to blur out, sure is great.

Also, I notice shots less than 1/100, even with VR On, had motion blur at times when doing close up. It was a matter of changing techniques. However I did get sharp pictures handheld at 1/20 second, so yes it can be done. Though I could have gotten it sharper/detailed.

I don't like high ISO.  Anything over 800 isn't up to my liking.  I can see the noise at 100 percent. Forget 3200/6400, just can't stand it. I lock it for 1/100 second in my camera settings, so I don't forget. You also loose scenic dynamic range which is important when pulling out details in shadows, etc.  I use RAW 14bit, lossless format in all my shooting. I never use jpeg or tiff.

I fix that a little bit with a monopod (shopping for one) when lighting is low or when tripod is too inconvenient. Enjoy your lens, I am enjoying it, great supplement to my set of lenses.

here another one.

They were some of my first shooting/testing with this lens.

Happy macro/micro camper.

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