If you owned a 7D and then a 5D Mark III...

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Re: If you owned a 7D and then a 5D Mark III...

I'm keeping both for now. The 7D is mainly for situations where I want to use two bodies: on a safari or similar where I don't want to change lenses; when shooting stars or Aurora Borealis I use both simultaneously (on tripods with timers/remote controls); if I want to do time-lapse photography I can leave the 7D doing it for days or whatever it takes while I keep shooting with the 5D3. The 7D also acts as a backup in case the 5D3 breaks. But I don't really expect to prefer the 7D often, if ever. Even though I can see the reach advantage in ideal conditions, in practice 5D3 is almost always at least as good, often better, even though it requires more cropping. (There are also situations where 7D focuses better, but they're really rare - mainly birds so far that the reach advantage in viewfinder becomes critical, but then the resulting pictures require so heavy cropping they're useful mainly for species identification, not publishable.)

So, I'd probably prefer two 5D3s, but the 7D is good enough as a 2nd body for the time being, for me. Your mileage may vary.

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