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Re: Beware of camera theft in Barcelona.


I share your pain regarding your unfortunate camera theft in Barcelona.

I suggest these products when traveling:

A few years ago,  I was in Manila, Phillipines,  whilst walking down a crowded street with camera bag on my shoulder, camera in my hand, looking at something to photograph, when unexpectly a guy on a moped grabbed my camera bag by the strap and his accomplice ,following behind him on another moped,  tried to cut the camera bag strap with a knife.

But he failed to cut through the Pacsafe strap and he lost control of his moped and crashed into a fruit stand when I yanked on the strap.   Fortunately, a couple of policemen were on the spot and beat the living sh*t out of him before cuffing him.

Like you,  I use to carry  camera and gear in a backpack.    I don't recommend that now, unless it's only for transporting your gear.    As you sadly realized,  thieves  can easily distract you whilst an accomplice either unzips your bag, or slits it open with a knife or razor blade and then your gear is gone.   Also carrying camera in backpack is not convenient  for being on the street ready for photography unless you are going to put the bag down to get to your gear.  I would advice  against that in crowded cities.   Same for sling bags but a bit better to use on the streets.

Those thieves in Spain, Barcelona and Madrid are the worst.   In Italy,  Rome and Milan..  In Phillipines,  Manila. in USA, New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia,  you at risk to also get mugged.    Same MO,  same results.

No more bringing a big DSLR kit when on holiday to suspect or poor countries.   Now just carry MFT or small P&S.

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