X-Onwers would u pay $ for F/ware features eg. Facial detection, focus peaking?

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Re: X-Onwers would u pay $ for F/ware features eg. Facial detection, focus peaking?

Greetings X-owners,

I bought my X-E1 with 14mm and 35mm. My son bought his OMD with just the kit zoom. We have been out shooting together and frankly I m enjoying photography more than ever before (I started with a Canon film AT-1 in late 70's).

Just wonder if we could together encourage Fuji to develop extras for our existing X100/s, X-Pro1, X-E1.

If Apple can sell Apps to my Ipads, why can't that business model work for Fuji and their cameras?

After all Fuji've been it for free with new Firmware and so on. Why not pay for it and encourage them to be even more responsive to us? (Fuji, if anyone is reading this, think like Steve Jobs)

I m willing to pay for the following extras Firmware downloads (free would be marvelous).

1. Facial detection and facial focus: $0-$10. (God knows how many times I've focused on the subject's background)

2. Focus peaking: $0-$3. (I used to have a NEX-5R, I know how cool this is)

3. Fast AF, as fast as the OMD: $0 - $10. (I would pay $1 for every 70ms faster, particularly on 35mm lens).

All features : 50% discount.

You may not all be willing to pay the same amount as above, but this is a free market :-).

I can't think of anything else right now. I'd like to hear your views on this. Please feel free to add others.

ThachLy from Melbourne.

Don't you think that what we paid was more than enough? Or are you a young rampant Fuji marketing guy trying to test his greedy idea?

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