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I can see the program in the camera make a difference.  The LX7 uses the same ISO settings that the FZ200 uses in a lot of images yet you can force the ISO lower and get a better image from the LX7 in low light.  For example when shooting indoors in my home both cameras in P mode select the same ISO 400 but the shutter speed is higher on the LX7 because the LX7 is using F1.4 instead of F2.8 in the FZ200.  I can lower the ISO to 100 in the LX7 and then the shutter speeds will be the same in each camera.  The LX7 ISO 100 image looks a lot better than the FZ200's ISO 400 image.  I can't lower the FZ200 ISO any lower because its shutter speed is already about a slow as you can get even with IS and still get a sharp image.  Lower the ISO in the FZ200 you need a tripod.

Now if at a wedding shooting people moving around the LX7 is better because the shutter speeds are higher if you let the camera select the ISO.  I like using iISO if there is movement.  The camera does a good job shifting the ISO so that you minimize blur.  At a wedding while half in the bag I am not paying close attention to the settings and will shoot jpg and RAW just in case the jpgs are not good.  But if I know the people will stand still I can lower the ISO quickly and get a better image.


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