So... I'm all but convinced that I'm going D800

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I'm a 14-24 owner

...but lately not so much a user.   Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, it's becoming the classic 'Best lens I rarely use'.

I actually have had my D800e for a couple of months now and never yet mounted my 14-24 on it.   Partly that's because I have been shooting long (wildlife and zoo), due to the season, and partly because I just got a whole stable of new lenses and have been trying them all.

But the 14-24 has a couple of issues that really limit it's use for me.   None of them have anything to do with an 'exposed front element'.

The main reason the lens isn't getting used is due to its size and shape.  It's quite big around, and it takes up just that bit too much room in the bag, especially the waist bag that I almost always use.   It just doesn't fit.   I'm strongly considering leaving it at home next October when I go for a 3-week trip to Europe.  Or get a 16-35 or 18-35 as a wide angle travel lens.

The second reason is that it's just so freakin' wide.    You really need the right type of subject and background to make the best use of it.    Too often I attempt to use it where it's not suited and just get too much perspective distortion in the subject.   I'm not much of a wide shooter.

The third reason is that it's quite susceptible to flare.   I'd hate to see it without nano coating!   It has a tendency to sneakily pull in flare from the sun just outside the frame.    If you can shoot it on a tripod all the time, you could take the time to be sure the big front element is shaded, but one can't always do that.

It's a great lens.  I just don't shoot it much anymore.    Regardless of optical flaws in comparison, the 16-35vr seems a far more practical lens.

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