EPL-5 with a single lens or FujiX100s

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Re: EPL-5 with a single lens or FujiX100s

I have a x100 and a m43 kit (G5, 7-14, 14-45, 45-150, 25) and they are very different. I wouldn't trade one for the other.

If I was only going to buy one lens for M43 then I'd get the Fuji. It's a great shooting experience, it has quirks (x100s may have fixed some of them) but also has so many things to like such as EVF/OVF, amazing f2 lens, dials to control everything manually, leaf shutter for silent shooting and a very good sensor. I have no problem using it at iso 3200. It also has the best jpegs I've seen from any camera.

If you think you may want to build a system then you only have one option.

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