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CharlesB58 wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

However, what I'm asking is about the vast majority.  Of the photos that are sold and the photos that are entered into competitions, how often is the IQ differential between modern systems a factor in the success of the photo?

"Vast Majority" and competition entries, salable photos...these involve a number of variables.

For sure.

Competitions? Depends on the nature of the voting. With the plethora of viewer voting "competitions", IQ can be virtually irrlevant because people are voting based on their emotional response to the subject of the photo and how it was captured. IQ can contribute to this. However, because most people will make up their mind regarding their placing of a photo in a competition within the first 5 seconds of viewing, very often the "vast majority" of people don't get to the point of analyzing the IQ carefully.

I don't disagree.

On the other hand, juried competitions in which the judges are experienced photographers, editors or art directors, I can assure you that technical aspects of IQ can account for 30% or more of the score assigned a photo. The way such judging goes is the first round iinvolves rejecting photos due to IQ shortcomings. It takes a truly remarkable subject for images to make past that first round. In the subsequent rounds, IQ is still looked at, even more critically. My personal experience with this involves a portfolio I submitted for a grant last year. I was told my photos captured the subjects in insightful, engaging ways, the subjects themselves were interesting, but a few of the photos had technical shortcomings that took me out of the running for the grant.

OK, sure.  But how often, in such a competition, do you feel a photo that would have passed with an E5 would not have passed the grade if it had been taken with an E1?

Of course, it's hard to say to what degree the system itself is involved in this. I will say that a check through the Photographers Market references will indicate that some stock agencies and publications have lists of which cameras are acceptable, or at least file sizes, for them to even consider listing or purchasing photos. In some cases this thinking is outdated, based on 5 to 10 year old thinking regarding the output of digital cameras.

In my opinion, these are artificial restrictions.  It would be like saying you have to be over 5'10" to be a police officer (which was used in the past to artificially restrict women from becoming police officers).

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