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Stacey_K wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

Thank you for your post, which *exactly* what I'm talking about!  I don't deny that better equipment will result in higher IQ -- I think most understand that.

I don't think some do. Many here reply by saying "Well if you can't get the shot with an E system camera, they need to take some photography classes" type things. Or "An F2 zoom solves any problem you might run across".

In my opinion, what they are saying is not that the better system won't result in higher IQ, but that higher IQ is not the primary issue, or an issue at all.

What I'm asking is how often the IQ differential results in a less successful photo.  That is, a photo that placed lower in a photo competition than it otherwise would have, a photo that sold for less than it otherwise would have, a photo that did sell that otherwise would have, etc.

Now, for a fact, there are times when it will often be so -- a fine art exhibition, for example.  But how often do you think the IQ differential between modern systems, and even many not-so-modern systems, harms the success of a photo as "success" is defined above?

Well I don't sell my images nor do I put them in competitions. I shoot for my own enjoyment and I doubt I would have this print on my wall if it had been either blurry or filled with noise. For a "working pro", I can't say if using older gear would affect their bottom line or not. It's very likely it wouldn't.

But some of my all-time favorite pics are blurry and/or noisy.  That said, the vast majority are not, and if they were, I don't think I'd be printing them and hanging them.  But that's just me.  I seriously wonder if most people would really care.

Of course, it depends on how blurry and how noisy, but I am talking about the differences between existing systems, like the E1 vs E5.

That said, I know I see things wrong with my prints that even when I point them out, the average person doesn't see.

YES!!!  Same with me!  That's what I'm talking about!

Does that mean they don't exist or that I shouldn't concern myself with those faults? If I was shooting to please others like a commercial photographer is, the answer would be different than if I am shooting to please myself.

I absolutely agree.  John King asked me earlier in this thread why I bought a Canon 6D (my previous camera was the Canon 5D).  My answer was, "To capture photos with more detail and/or less noise."

And while it certainly does this, the fact of the matter is that I don't think anyone voting on a photo I might submit to a competition, or purchasing a photo I might sell, would care.

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