Got my RX-100 today

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Renard DellaFave
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Re: Got my RX-100 today

ague sense of annoyance when I got the RX100 and I thought my NEX was redundant (cos the JPG quality was better on the RX100, edge sharpness better, than my nex 5n with kit lens, etc) , but I now am so pleased I have kept the NEX and use it in conjunction with my RX100.

I have never had so much fun!

My sense of annoyance would go away if I had a nice macro, and a 70-200 (or longer) telephoto for the NEX.  I love compacts, but I also love macro and telephoto... and I don't like the compromises of "superzoom" compacts.  However, the cost of a NEX and two good lenses makes the RX100 look like a very sensible budget decision.  That, and like the 828, it would be home too often if it doesn't fit in my small shoulderbag.

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