How much brighter are studio strobes than speedlights?

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Re: How much brighter are studio strobes than speedlights?

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Why do the specific numbers and stats matter so much to you that you're considering buying a piece of equipment to get more precise readings?  Your 1000W strobe is the equivalent to 12-16 of your speedlights...isn't that sufficient?  What are you planning to do with these stats once you get them?  I'm not trying to be antagonistic, but a lot of people get overly focused on quantitative stats when qualitative evaluaton will be more than sufficient.

On the practical side, you can overpower direct sunlight with speedlights, but you'll need more than one to do it.  There are several multi-speedlight backets available that will allow you to mount up to 4 speedlights to a single bracket.  I've not been in a situation where I needed more than 2 speedlights, but I don't purposefully shoot into direct sunlight all that often.  Once you get into using that many devices, it makes more sense to just use a regular strobe with something like a Vagabond Mini battery.

Uh... we never "over power sunlight".

We under expose the scene and replace the missing light on the subject with the flash.

This is easily done even with a single, low power, speed light.

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You're not overpowering the sunlight but your strobes must be more powerful than the available sunlight hitting the subject if you plan to underexpose the surrounding ambient sun.

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