Which would you choose? 85mm 1.4g or 135mm f2 DC?

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Re: Which would you choose? 85mm 1.4g or 135mm f2 DC?

hey all, thought i would get some opinions.

im a hobbyist photog, i do alot of travel photography/street portraits, i am looking at buying another lens for portraits for the d800, either the 135mm or 85m 1.4g. which would you prefer and why? im considering buying the 135 then saving abit and getting the cheaper 85mm 1.8g.

is the 1.4g really worth the extra coin?

other lenses i already have,- samyang 14mm, sigma 35mm nikon 50mm 1.4d

I have the 135mm f2 dc and an 85mm 1.4. I'd recommend you getting the 135 and add the 85 1.8 later. The 135, due to it's longer focal length provides extra compression which of course lends itself well to it's intended purpose. This lens has a huge learning curve but you will enjoy every minute. I have lots of examples using this lens and it adds to the 'look' i want everytime. It is of course a subjective, almost magic quality that it is.
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