Olympus OM-D E-M5 Vs. Sony NEX-6 (or other APS-C mirrorless)

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Re: That "hybrid AF" doesn't really work.

Just Having Fun wrote:

The Hybrid AF doesn't work in video mode, it doesn't work in lower light, and it doesn't work with many apertures.

There are also threads about how many users think it is a hoax.



btw, this does not bode well for Olympus since they use Sony sensors.

Instead of relying on opinions read the Dpreview...PDAF on NEX-6 does work. I've used it - in good light and below f6.3 it does work. I've tracked my kid on the playground such as spinning carousel and swing and it does work - but it is not 100%. You also have to know how to properly utilize the AF-C mode which is not hard.

If I had to make a bet as to which one can track better OMD or NEX-6, I would bet on the NEX-6. Just seeing video samples of OMD AF in video tells me that it is unlikely to be good at tracking. You can still get actions shots with AF-S though on OMD but the success rate would be lower, IMO.

Btw the video sample I have seen here for E-P5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHsFTY67ADI&feature=share&list=UUppifd6qgT-5akRcNXeL2rw appers to show improved AF as well as exposure transitions - something I've also seen to be an issue in some youtube videos where OMD auto-adjusting video exposre produces a flicker. So maybe the next firmware will address those since it has been improved on the E-P5.

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