Most expensive 1.4x TC ever.

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Steve Balcombe wrote:

PhotoKhan wrote:

... carefully avoiding any contribution to enlighten us about the originally reported mystery:

Why is this lens price, irrespectively of its unique ingenious and useful 1.4X TC integration, about double the same FL zoom offering form an equally competent, same league/same overall quality lens maker?

I'm not really very interested in comparing with the Nikon 200-400 as I have no interest in buying one. Years ago I bought into the Canon system, and time after time that has proved to be a good decision. Most recently with the truly remarkable 300/2.8L II, but I also still marvel at the 70-300L which was 20% of the price. And the 60 macro for only 30% of that.

What I did do was compare with other options from Canon to show that the 200-400L price is exactly in line with expectations, and I think you'll find that what I said stands up to scrutiny.

It can't be "in line with expectations" because there's simply no other lens in the market with the same technical innovation.

There is, however, another lens in the market, from an equivalent good manufacturer, with similarly good specifications, and exactly the same FL covering range that costs 5050 USD less, while only missing the said innovation.

This means that, since their own stand-alone 1.4x TC costs around 450$, Canon is "telling" us that the technical novelty implementation, itself, justifies the 3000 to 4000 $USD premium ($1000 range accounting for possible slight optical advantages the Canon may have over the Nikon)

I understand you don't want to comment that.

Thanks for the contribution.


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