Renting cameras to test before purchase?

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Nothing wrong with sending goods back.

What total nonsense. The whole idea of mail order is you try it at home and if you do not like it you send it back. The mail order companies get so many advantages over brick and mortar shops surely you can allow this one disadvantage. The big vendors just sit in tax havens and cream off the business from shops so I would not feel too sorry for them.

In fact under UK distance selling laws you can cancel any purchase made within 7 days and they have to refund you even if they have not got the goods back.

The idea that you have to stick with a product bought sight unseen even if unsatisfactory is nonsense. If you do not like it send it back if you have that right under your particular jurisdiction.

I am disturbed by posts like this that seem to be designed to intimidate people into keeping goods that do not turn out to be as expected. Treat it like a shop counter and imagine you are just handing it back via the mail services. Many big international vendors are probably not aware what moral scruples are.

For the UK these are the regulations.

Sulis2 wrote:

What people with slightly negotiable moral scruples do is order the camera from Amazon to see if they like it - if not, send it back before the 30 days is up.

As I said, depends on your moral scruples...

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