How many cameras do you need?

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Re: How many cameras do you need?

I have 5 relative modern Canon DSLRs in all three crop formats and S95 compact that I still actively used more or less.

In my trips I always carry two DSLR cameras that used by me and wife and backup each other, and sometime three cameras. S95 (that I even don't count) stays on my belt virtually everywhere I go such as during roller coasting.

I agree some said that depends on what you shoot. Many times one camera is not enough and you'd miss many opportunities with one camera and during time you swap lenses.

In my forthcoming Africa safari in Sept, I plan to carry at least 3 cameras (or even 4) - 5D3 with 500L, 1D3 with 70-200L II or 100-400L and 60D with 100-400L or 70-200L II (will be used and hold by wife), even #4 maybe 5D2 (before converting to a dedicated infrared) dedicated for landscape with 24-70L II in truck with necessary filters. I could imagine simply no time to swap lenses or miss chances.

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