Optimum aperture for 4/3s

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Re: Optimum aperture for 4/3s

Short answer, nearly all 4/3 or m4/3 lenses will hit peak sharpness at between f/4.0 and f/5.6.  But there is very little lost stopping down to f/8.0.  Don't stop down further unless there's a real need.

If you notice a difference between 4/3 and m4/3, it may just be due to a newer higher resolution sensor.   At smaller apertures, diffraction may limit resolution.  So when shooting at f/16, you may not see as much resolution advantage to a newer 16MP sensor vs. an old 6MP sensor.  While at f/5.6, the newer sensor may see more if it's resolution advantage (even though both "peak" at exactly the same point).

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