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alatchin wrote:

People here seem to think Olympus will stop supporting a huge investment in its optics, and do what? Try again? I think it more likely there is a huge amount of pressure to make those lenses work.

That is speculation at best and they already quit supporting this lens mount. They haven't sold any camera that uses them, other than the E5, for years. And for all we know these are just left over stock that didn't sell. They have lost any market share 4/3 ever had. No stores Pro stores in Atlanta have any 4/3 gear in stock. Olympus recouped the investment in most of these 4/3 optics long ago and they probably realized shortly after the release (and slow sales) the hyper expensive F2 optics were a bad marketing strategy and have written off that R&D. I'm sure they lost money on the 300mm f2.8 as I doubt many of those were ever sold either.

Clearly they have focused on mirror less and yes it's possible they will incorporate some "legacy" support for the 4/3 optics but I myself doubt there is "a huge amount of pressure" (from who? the tiny market share that bought/still have 4/3 optics or the people who are buying up used ones?) nor is this a big priority for them right now. It's actually in their best financial interest to not have good support for these older lenses and force people to rebuy lenses as m4/3 versions.

I still have the 4/3 HQ lenses I bought and hope they do make a reasonably priced camera that supports them but I personally would not start buying lenses in this mount on the speculation of what Olympus might or might not decide to do. YMMV

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