Got my RX-100 today

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Re: Got my RX-100 today

thanks for the discussion guys.

All i was trying to prove was that there are fundamental differences between RX100 sensor and APS-C the example I used was a little unfair, an exagerration, and only really intended to prove a point, that you cannot say the RX100 is better than an APS C, in terms of dynamic range and how it deals with light graduations. This for me is a major issue, if not THE issue. It's why I am drawn to ff images, I love the way the light is handled by a FF camera, like the RX1, i am awed when I see naturally lit interiors moving from light to dark, I find the light pools fascinating.

It's like with audio, some people relate to musicality, rhythm and timing, others to absolute clarity, other's to an even frequency response. Each person has their attraction and/or abhorrence to certain images - eg, colour, sharpness, dynamic range and light handling. Mine happens to be the latter!

I am not knocking the RX100, I just get a bit jaded to see people overexaggerating it's capabilities and saying it's better than a 10000 dollar leica,

I understand the limitations of both my cameras, having taken possibly around 16000 shots with both of them. And I love them both for different reasons.

You are absolutely spot on when you say the comparison with NEX is a red herring. 110% agree with you. It's my point entirely, people should not be comparing them and somehow convincing themselves "X" is better than "Y" so they are selling "Y", but we should be celebrating their differences!

I too went through a vague sense of annoyance when I got the RX100 and I thought my NEX was redundant (cos the JPG quality was better on the RX100, edge sharpness better, than my nex 5n with kit lens, etc) , but I now am so pleased I have kept the NEX and use it in conjunction with my RX100.

I have never had so much fun!

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