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No money to spend

It seems like since I bought the 8080 back in 04 that there was a steady stream of cash flying out of my wallet until I bought the E 5. There was always that next lens, flash, grip, and OMG they released a new body.

I have a pretty complete set of HG lenses now, even so I can't say I'm not temped at the low prices seen on the SHG lenses. I've stayed away not because the system is dieing or what not but because the HG gear is meeting my needs. The few weddings I take on in a year just doesn't justify spending thousands when the customers I have now are happy.

Will I buy the E 5 replacement? Maybe but it will have to be one heck of a upgrade. As it is my 330, E 3 and E 5 suit my needs well. I have no issues with birds in flight, Pro basketball up to 3200 and even insects in flight. I think I'd rather take another trip to the rain forest than sit here with a new body and wishing I had something new to shoot at.

Other than that the big expenditure has been a travel trailer that gets us up in the Rocky mountains where there are lots of bugs, birds, wildlife and landscapes to shoot every where you look. Was it cheap...no, but it only cost about a quarter of what Honey and I have into our matching kits.

So am I investing money into my Oly gear...yes. I'm just investing in things to shoot at, not more things to shoot with. (you can see my kit in my profile)

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