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Stacey_K wrote:

veroman wrote:

 The long-term future of 4:3 is somewhat irrelevant when it comes to getting this kind of value in the here and now
The problem with this isn't that the camera body costs $375. The future is important to me if I am going to be spending thousands on some nice lenses. At the very least you would need to drop another grand in a used 14-54 and a 50-200 to use on this $375 body. Buy a flash and you are at $1500+ in a system that could be "As good as it will ever get" with no upgrade path, at least not now. And this is the reason for the low prices. And if speculation is correct, any possible future upgrades will be via expensive "Pro" models if at all. I don't think anyone is saying this is a bad camera or a bad system, just there doesn't appear to be any future in it.
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When we try to predict the future it comes with so much of our own baggage. $1500 for a rugged body with lenses covering 28-400 EFL at speeds between f2.8 and f3.5  plus a powerful wireless flash isn't a bad deal.

People here seem to think Olympus will stop supporting a huge investment in its optics, and do what? Try again? I think it more likely there is a huge amount of pressure to make those lenses work.

Olympus has openly mentioned professionals, but more recently actually mentioned EXX and EXXX users and their needs. It wouldn;t surprise me if we have 2 bodies in the pipeline. Or even better an E-X for the EXX pricing


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