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Timj351 wrote:

I appreciate all of the comments, it's exactly what I was hoping for. I have a DSLR but I rarely use it anymore and it is not what I want to take with me on vacation. Both the FZ200 and LX7 have plenty of IQ for me especially when I shoot raw. I'm thinking of taking both cameras and then deciding each day which one I want to take with me depending on the activities. We will be sailing on Lake Ontario and visiting Niagara Falls, CN tower and the Thousand Islands. I don't know of specific indoor activities aside from the restaurants we'll be eating at. I like the thought of just taking the LX7 but I know there will be plenty of opportunities to use the long zoom on the FZ200. So I will just mix it up and enjoy which ever one I have with me at the time. I think I will end up with a wider variety of shots that way. Thanks for the feedback.


Carrying both Lx7 and Fz200 is a good idea. If money is not a concern, if I were you, I would carry Leica X1 or X2 plus Fz200. Fz200 serves well for flexible focal range while X1/X2 is unbeatable for the best image rendering.

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