E-3 vs EPL2 vs E-M5 and a puzzle with colour

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Another try with a bigger better monitor

So here are the two files, with a lot of tweaks to the OMD file to get the detail in the red flower I wanted. What I found was the biggest change I had to make was pulling about -20 magenta from the OMD file, along with some tweaks to brightness, contrast clarity etc.

The two files are very similar now, but the biggest difference to my eyes being the colour of the green leaf right next to the red flowerbud. The E-3 has a warm brownish green you might expect from the dead leaf, while the OMD has rendered it a bit more neutral.

So what has this taught me, well one thing, is that different cameras do yield different results with relative ease to one another. In this case the E-3 file was simply better "out of the box" and better with easier adjustments in the RAW converter...

Has this something to do with how Olympus chooses to render files form it's professional line of cameras?

Is it a processing change when they went from the E-3 10 mp to the 12mp camera?

Is it related to base ISO? (I did shoot these as ISO 200 on the E-3 so not apples and oranges, but again a processing difference)?

Or was there a setting I forgot to change in the EPL2 and the OMD compared to my E-3?

Here are the pics, do you see the difference? FYI image files will be available till June 14th, give it a try, how easy do you find it to match the 2 files, and which one do you like the look of more?

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