So... I'm all but convinced that I'm going D800

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Re: So... I'm all but convinced that I'm going D800

BassFisher wrote:

Maciej Freudenheim wrote:

Leon Wittwer wrote:

If this is the lens I think it is, the outer element projects out so you can't use conventional filters.  I have a friend who would have got one but he likes polarizers.

That's correct, though polarizing filters don't play nicely with focal lengths like 14mm anyway. You get some parts of the sky much darker than the others etc.

Unless you want to eliminate reflections from the water/glass, with DR of the D800(E) you can pretty much simulate the effect of polarizing filter in PP.

Anyway, my experience is that I mostly prefer 14-24 w/o filters than 16-35 with a filter.

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Maciej Freudenheim

Can't agree more with this. I had a lovely copy of Sigma 10-20 with my D200 and then moved to D700 and purchased 14-24 What a lens, WOW. have the D800E now (kept my D700) and with this it is now WOW WOW. Great up close and for full landscapes and architecture. No problem with the front element and you can do anything you want to in post processing these day with LR, CS6, Topaz or OnOne software. However if you are concerned and want a filter then 16-35 F4 is available as a cheaper option too. Seriously I take the 14-24n everywhere and it's wider than the 10-20 was on DX.

Whatever you choose you will LOVE the D800.

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Awesome advice both of you... though, I was hoping someone would really discourage me from dropping the big bucks on the 14-24.  I think I have a long road ahead of me to acquire the glass I want!  I still love my 10-20 and will keep it as long as I have DX bodies in my bag!  It's such a fun lens!

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