E-3 vs EPL2 vs E-M5 and a puzzle with colour

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Re: E-3 vs EPL2 vs E-M5 and a puzzle with colour

Palden wrote:

Oddly enough, I'd just replied to a recent thread in m43 forum stating that i think there's something in the E3 files that i can't seem to get from the EM5 files. I cant put my finger on it exactly but the E3 outputs seem much richer and with deeper, better colour. I still have my E3 and dont think i'll ever sell it. If only olympus could replicate the E3 outputs in their m43 bodies..


Hey Palden,

Well I got into work today and jumped on my Lacie monitor which I calibrated and gave the two files another whack!

It seems, again depending on what you are after that the E-3 seems to have a more "natural" natural, With some careful tweaking and comparison I have the two files to where I think few casual observers would notice the difference. But  I had to pull some magenta from the file, and adjust my EM5 settings carefully to get the E-3 look. Once finished there wasnt much in it, but you can look at the files. I will  post them in reply to my OP.


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