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Adding another 4 cents to the discussion ...

I had no idea that posting a kind of "inquiry" into the topic of purchasing 4:3 gear would result in so many responses. Hot topic obviously.

While I haven't read (or certainly responded to) each and every word in these threads, I've read enough to know that something truly central hasn't really been addressed very much, if at all, and that's the basic issue of "value," or what you get for your dollar. ANY investment ... of ANY kind ... must have an inherent value if it's to be considered worthy.

An Olympus E-3 in very good to excellent condition is currently available from a number of sources for about $375 and up ... with a high of maybe $450. Here's what one gets:

  • Excellent image quality ... indisputable; in fact, among the very best
  • 10MP
  • Exceptional color rendering
  • Exceptional OOC JPEGs
  • Weather sealed
  • Strong, long-life, tank-like body
  • Extremely effective in-body image stabilization
  • Large, bright, 100% coverage viewfinder
  • Unusually fast, accurate AF (particularly with SWD lenses)
  • Flip screen LCD
  • Overall fast response
  • Excellent ergonomics
  • A professional-level tool

I'm sure others could add to the above list. The question is: are there any other cameras out there ... new or otherwise ... that can offer what the E-3 offers at $375 to $450? The long-term future of 4:3 is somewhat irrelevant when it comes to getting this kind of value in the here and now, particularly when it comes to build quality, i.e. owning a tool that will provide reliable service for years and years to come.

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