Tilt and shift lens with adaptor using XP1

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Re: Tilt and shift lens with adaptor using XP1

baobob wrote:

I'm starting a new photographic adventure and hope I'll survive 

i've ordered a used "like new" very old Tokina 17mm f 3.5 Nikon mount and bought the Kipon TS adapter

This topic has been discussed here quite a long time ago abd I would like to now if some over here have got experience in that field

Just want to add that's for architecture, landscape and fun !!

Any comment and advice most welcome

Thx in advance


I have considered such devices before but do extremely little  architectural photography or specialized modeling photography so take this with litterally a single grain of salt.

To see the differences either through the OVF or EVF or aven the screen on the back of the camera would be at best extremely marginal. so to do the properly you wold probably need a large adjunctive monitor screen. But then agin I have not tried and the fact I am pushing 60 might be a factor.

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