Renting cameras to test before purchase?

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Re: Renting cameras to test before purchase?

Depends on total cost to rent. When I was looking at medium format cameras I rented a couple (m 7 and m 645) to try out over a weekend at local shop before making a purchase. Back then it wasn't so expensive - I think $30 or so a shot and no shipping since the shop was local.


For an em-5 I wouldn't spend $100 to rent it since you could resell and get most (not all) of that back; but for $30 I would.


I'm not a fan of the buy from store to try and then return - i rahter just go to a local store and handle one to see if there is an immediate turn on/off - naturally a turn on might become negative after a bit of usage - but if you don't like the camera to begin with then that is a good hint that maybe you should look elsewhere (things like the evf and size might be a good starting indicator if it is the camera for you). FOr example I tried a G2 and G3 at a local trade show and disliked the evf in both of them; at anotehr trade show i tired the pro-1, nex 7 and em-5 and of the three the em-5 was the only one i found acceptable (the nex 7 was not bad - esp outdoors but indoors the evf was a real turn off when the store lighting due to (I think) frequency issues (flickering). The pro-1 was awful with regards to focus evf.


Mind yuo the above usage is  not how i normally use a camera and I was aware of that actual usage might make a different impression (they were kind enough to let me step outdoors with the cameras to see how sunlight impacted the experience).

I have small hands the em-5 was incredibly responsive - immediate turn on - though the pro1 has a lot of pluses and I'm keeping my eye on fuji to see if newer bodies address the major issues.

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