X-Onwers would u pay $ for F/ware features eg. Facial detection, focus peaking?

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Re: X-Onwers would u pay $ for F/ware features eg. Facial detection, focus peaking?

Iyhel Mnemeltarma wrote:

So you're ready to pay $15 to upgrade something that costed $1500? Do you really believe 1% of the price of a product would be an incentive for Fuji to assign more ressources?

Fuji's incentive ought to be its profit margin, not the percent of the original price. If they can make a profit off such an upgrade -- especially a larger profit than by trying unsuccessfully to convince users to buy a new camera in order to access the same features -- then the rational decision is to offer a paid upgrade.

For example, I have an HS25. I've read that the HS50 has focus peaking, which I'd love to have. However, I can't afford an HS50, though I could afford a $15 upgrade to the HS25, and would pay it at some point.

Let's add that you seemed confused by Apple's model: since when do we have to pay for updates on OSX or iOS?

That's a curious argument you're making there. I've been using Apple computers for years, and the only free OSX update I am aware of was from 10.0 to 10.1. I'm now using 10.6.8 instead of 10.7 or even 10.8, precisely because I'd have to pay for the updates. Bug and security fixes are free, but the OP is talking about new features.

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