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Re: I think he makes some good points

g_r_w wrote:

What he writes in his break down is misleading:

  • E-PM2 — few external controls, fixed LCD — US$450 body
  • E-PL5 — more controls, tilting LCD — US$550 body

And current prices are lower - E-PM2 - $424 with 14-42 etc. E-PL5 $550 WITH 14-42 lens.

  • E-P5 — more controls, add WiFi — US$1000 body

  • The difference between the EP-5 and EPL-5 is more than just "more controls" and Wi-Fi.  He's fully ignored 5 vs 2 axis IBIS, which is a MASSIVE difference.  Just check out a demo. The build is much better. And the a bunch of other features which have been listed ad nauseam before.
  • E-M5 — built in EVF instead of an option, weatherproof but no flash — US$1000 body

Wrong, E-M5 has flash, it is just removable. And $950 body.

Obviously the price gap is just too wide between E-PL5 and E-P5, and pricing of E-P5 higher than the current asking price of E-M5 is ridicoulous. $750 body, $800 with 14-42 and $1000 with 17/1.8 alone would be just right.

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