Working Compact Flash to Thunderbolt solution.

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Re: Working Compact Flash to Thunderbolt solution.

I haven't read the entire thread but do be careful if you go down the silicone sealant route.  the VAST majority of them emit acetic acid (that vinegar smell, familiar to you old darkroom stop-batch folk).  This stuff can/will corrode/damage electronics.  Get yourself a tube of 'sensor safe' or electronics grade silicone which is OK.  The sensor-safe stuff can be purchased at an auto parts store.

Jen Yates wrote:

Conan Butcher wrote:

I have now bought three of these, and may try to make one of them a bit more rugged if I can find something suitable to enclose it.

For a ghetto solution use hotglue, or even bathroom silicone sealant, for something a bit better use sugru.

Note: You can make your own 'sugru' with solicone sealant and corn starch. I haven't tried it (Only used the real stuff) but Mr Google has all the instructions.

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