Got my RX-100 today

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Re: Got my RX-100 today

I still have my NEX-5n and, as with the RX100, it's a second time round purchase - I had a 5n, bought a NEX-7, used them side by side briefly and mostly for cost reasons sold the 5n kit with EVF etc and kept the 7. I then used the 7 for a 2 week+ expedition from San Deigo to Lake Tahoe crossing the Western Sierra range three times and back down the coast. I concluded that one of my uses for NEX is a 24-hour companion, and the 7 was only good for daylight, so on return I sold that and found a replacement 5n (but have not yet found an EVF at a price I'm willing to pay).

The RX100 does not make me want to sell the 5n but I know the RX100 well enough, now, to have little use for the 5n except with special lenses (16mm plus converters, Alpha lenses and others on adaptors).

I'd agree the headroom for highlight clipping is not there, and the general tone curve of the raw and default JPEGs looks more like a really good 10-bit to 8-bit (similar tone and colour qualities to the original Alpha 100) than today's 12-bit and 14-bit raw in the A99 for example. However, I like the steeper midtone curve which gives pictures a more film-like quality, and the JPEGs are about the best 'out of the box' that Sony has achieved with a camera in this class.


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