Should I get the OM-D now?

Started May 14, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: Depends on what lenses.....

I agree that the choice of lenses influence your results much more than the selected MFT body, yet the affects of camera and lens choice are additive in many cases, not in all as you showed. My remarks were relateted to your statment, that the OP "will never out grow an E-PL2" and I wanted to bring forward the argument that a camera choice isn't so much a question of "outgrowing" or not but rather a question of individual needs and preferences, and so it also wasn't meant as direct advice to the OP. (To be more precise, I think it's a matter of definition of "outgrowong". Your needs and preferences may change during time and that doesn't necessairily correlate with increased capabilities).

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