Japanese importers profiteering by exploiting devalued Yen

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Re: Japanese importers profiteering by exploiting devalued Yen

Even with the depreciation of the Yen, US prices are still among the lowest in the world - and that's without rebates. (prior to the falls in the Yen Japanese prices were higher)

This suggestion of profiteering assumes that the products are manufactured in Japan. Apart from the D800/E & D4, I am not aware of any Nikon cameras that are produced there. As for lenses, I think only some of the pro lenses - even the 24-120/4 VR is made in Thailand. I think most if not all of the 1.8Gs are made in China. Not suggesting that this makes any difference to the quality of the product, only that the changes in the value of the Yen are not going to affect manufacturing costs as these products may have little to no Japanese content. Both the Chinese Renminbi and the Thai Baht have been appreciating over the last five years.

FYI, the Yen only started it's fall in Nov 2012 and didn't cross 90 to the USD till late January, and 100 only this month.

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