Got my RX-100 today

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Re: Got my RX-100 today

Sulis2 wrote:

I think the RX100 vs NEX issue is a bit of a red herring here. For most of the things that photographers value (bokeh, low-light, highlights) a larger sensor is likely to be a better sensor. So the NEX comes out worse compared to a FF Nikon or Canon.

The RX100 was never intended as a NEX competitor

Oh, I agree about all of that.  If I had to guess, the crippled exposure bracketing is one of Sony's ways of saying "we don't really think this is a true enthusiast's camera".  I think they did that it with a lower end NEX, and A65 SLR, to differentiate them.  So I guess they see it as a intro to a "real camera" and not all the way there.

But whatever, there's a huge market gulf between something that is truly pocketable and anything else, and clearly the RX100 was a marketing test, and an engineering showcase.  I don't know the sales figures, but it seems a runaway success.  And, god, it's what I've been wanting ever since being disappointed in the high noise of the Sony F828 I loved so much. OK, that wasn't pocketable, and the RX doesn't have Night Shot, but as cool as the Canon S90 was compared to say, the Sony W series, the RX100 is the first real _excitement_ I've felt for a camera since late 2003.

It also, very important, lets me continue to justify carrying a big enough "man purse" to carry an iPhone and a compact camera everywhere.  Granted the S100 is MUCH better than the iPhone 4S, but  in practical terms, it was often not better enough to justify my pulling it out.  The iPhone got a passable picture when it could.  Freedom to really use ISO3200 for snaps, well ... Wow.  Truly useful even if I'm only posting VGA on facebook.

Still, with every small camera I've compared to DSLRs, as I've always hated those so much as throwbacks to film (just an ideological thing), so I am interested in RX100 vs. Nex or Alpha comparisons for that reason.  The ISO stuff is pretty nailed down, as is lens choice, but I haven't come across a highlights discussion before... nor have I ever really understood why expose-to-the-right to the point of blowing JPG highlights ever seemed like a good idea to anyone given the nature of digital clipping.  So, I beg everyone's pardon as I put a red-herring-ish rant here in the thread.

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