X-Onwers would u pay $ for F/ware features eg. Facial detection, focus peaking?

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Re: X-Onwers would u pay $ for F/ware features eg. Facial detection, focus peaking?

Peter Jonas wrote:Iyhel Mnemeltarma wrote:

So you're ready to pay $15 to upgrade something that costed $1500? Do you really believe 1% of the price of a product would be an incentive for Fuji to assign more ressources?

Good point. I wonder if there is a value in keeping customers hooked on their system and may be buy more lenses, ...or just let them leave out of frustration. Resources ? Well Fuji have released a few firmware Versions in the past year or so for the X-system. Just made me want some more. The biggest question to me is: how much more can they improve AF on those wide prime lenses where DoF could be so challenging given their focusing hardware?

I tend to agree. The X cameras are not selling in huge vulumes. My guess is that you would have to pay an order of magnitude more for such features, something like $20 to $40 per feature. For some I would, and for others I would not.

I share your view on this. I was playing with my friend's Samsung P&S the other day. It has all kind of 'fun' feature that I have absolutely no interest in, like multiple exposures on the same file, pre-programed art works/photo frames ... I just laughed.

And most important: will Fuji give me a cashback if I desactivate the video and bracketing options?

No software supplier will you any cash back after you have used their product. Why would Fuji want to do that? Such expectation would be unreasonable.

I understand. I wish Microsoft refunded me for all the features that I never used or knew existed (and all those crashes/virus infections/freezes).

Thanks for your replies guys.

At the end, as my son keeps telling me, it's always the photographer's fault if (s)he didn't get right I m not going to argue with that.

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