So... I'm all but convinced that I'm going D800

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Re: So... I'm all but convinced that I'm going D800

ultimitsu wrote:

Lance B wrote:

lost_in_utah wrote:

Saying you're all *but* convinced, in the English language, means you are everything *but* convinced that you're going to get it.

You could say, "I'm convinced that I'm going D800." That would make sense. Your sentence contradicts your action which confuses the educated reader. Semantically it is improper.

I have to disagree. When I first read his post, I understood fully where the OP was coming from and was surprised by your response as I have heard this idiom before and understood it the as the OP meant it. It does sound counter intuitive, but from my understanding of this idiom, it means that he is convinced almost to the point of absolution. Or, if you like, "all but" means "almost", therefore his meaning was he is "almost convinced I'm going to get the D800". See this example:

I agree with utah that "all but convinced" does not mean complete convinced. It means very tempted, likely to believe, close to be convinced, but not quite convinced.

Utah is suggesting that the OP isnotconvinced in any way, he states: "means you are everything *but* convinced that you're going to get it.", in other words, he is suggesting that the OP has misused the idiom and is implying that he isnotgoing to get it.

What you are saying, and what I stated in my first response, are both in harmony, ie we both agree that the OP is "almost convinced" and that is exactly what the idiom means, ie "all but convinced" means all but the last bit convinced, or if you like "I am 99% convinced I am going to get the camera" and that "all but" part of the sentence is the 1% not convinced.

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