So... I'm all but convinced that I'm going D800

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Re: So... I'm all but convinced that I'm going D800

Chad Gladstone wrote:

I have no idea on the wide stuff, but I don't think you will be disappointed with either the 85 1.8g or the 70-200 VRII (I would not recommend mounting the TC20IIIE on this lens - or any zoom lens, however).  I just took the latter out for the first time today and it was superb.  The nice aspect about having the 85 as an alternative to the 70-200 is that it is extremely fast and small.  When I want to carry a light kit, I just take the 85 and put the 28g in my pocket and I am set.

There is plenty of debate about the wide options so I will defer to those who have experience who wish to render an opinion.  As for your tamron macro, I would hold on to it (presuming it is FX).  There is no reason to trade it in as it is a really good performer for the cost (unless there are some monetary restraints to consider - but even then, I don't imagine that either the 85 or the 70-200 have much of an overlap as neither focus especially close nor have anywhere near macro magnification).

Finally, the 50.  Keep your 50 1.8d.  There is nothing really outstanding in the AF 50 FL right now that would warrant any additional expenditure in my opinion.  There are rumors of a Sigma 50 Art lens coming but neither the 50g's or the existing Sigma perform at the level the other lenses you are considering on the D800 (notice they are not on the list of recommended lenses for the D800).  It is not to say that they are poor performers, per se, but on the D800, their weaknesses are stark and apparent.  Right now Nikon has a lens or two that need updating and I would include the 50 1.4g and the 24-70 in that category.

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Chad Gladstone

I have the Nikon 24-70 and the Sigma 50 1.4 and they are top performers.

The Nikon 50 1.4G is a bit slow but other vise very good.

No need for update here except for the bragging rights of having the latest (and the most expensive ) versions.

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